Not just a website designer but also a trusted online marketing advisor

Since 2004 we have helped over 200 small businesses to generate more enquiries, leads and sales through their websites. We would love to do the same for you.

If you want to achieve extraordinary results through your online marketing, call Chris on 03 377 3637. Or see some of our work.

Based in Christchurch, we specialise in building websites and online stores that are optimised for the search engines and designed to get maximum response. We can also help you to write and send email newsletters.

If you are serious about marketing your brand online, call 03 377 3637 and let’s have an initial chat over a coffee.

No jargon or “geek-speak”

If you are sick of web companies that baffle you with fancy sounding terminology, jargon, buzz words and “geek speak” – you will find our approach refreshing. We talk plain, simple language that makes sense.

Everything we recommend is based on how to maximise your enquiries, leads and sales via the internet. Pure and simple.

Mobile friendly websites

All our websites are now built with “responsive” design. This means they are optimised to display perfectly on mobile phones and tablets, as well as computers and laptops.

Get in touch

If you want quality work from an experienced professional you can trust to deliver results – call Chris on 03 377 3637 or email

Chris Mole will understand your business, research the competition and, like a true craftsman who takes pride in his job, will deliver on time a made-to-measure website that will fit your business like a made-to-measure suit or a pair of handmade shoes.
Harry Zachariadis, Managing Director, Venus Supplies Ltd. Auckland. See more client feedback »
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