“I can get your Google AdWords account profitable within 45 days. Guaranteed.”

Google AdWords is hands down the fastest way to get traffic to your website and start making more sales. Nothing comes near it. AdWords can get you to the top of Google search results almost instantly. (And if you don’t show up on Google when people search for what you’re selling, you may as well not exist at all.)

But you have to do AdWords the right way.
The problem is, a lot of AdWords agencies only do half the job – i.e. they set up ads and drive traffic to your website.

That’s all well and good. But once those visitors land on your website, you need to engage them and continue the conversation you’ve started with the AdWords ad.

web design Ilam Florist

We have been working with Chris Mole since mid-2014 to grow our florist business online. My brief was clear – ‘Get us more business at a realistic price.’

This brief has been fulfilled and surpassed my expectations. Our online sales have more than doubled, as well as a big increase in phone orders through the website.

Chris is a true professional who delivers what he promises, in a transparent manner. I thoroughly recommend him.”
Jane Earl – Ilam Florist, Christchurch

You need a complete lead generation system – Google AdWords plus an effective landing page – then you’re onto a winner

Very few AdWords agencies will build you a complete lead generation system. They focus only on the ads. But the difference between mediocre and stellar results from AdWords comes from the web page that people land on after clicking your ad.

You need to make sure that web page grabs them immediately. Web marketers call this a “landing page” – i.e. it’s where people land after clicking on your ad.

A true AdWords expert will put at least 50% of their effort into optimising the landing pages

For you, as the business owner, you need to bear this in mind when you engage someone to manage your AdWords campaign.

Don’t let them baffle you with ‘click through rates’, ‘quality score’ or any other fancy sounding terminology. You just want results – i.e. if you invest $x in AdWords you want to see at least $x in additional sales – preferably a lot more.

You won’t usually get results by choosing the cheapest management fee. It takes time and creativity to set up a truly effective lead generation system using AdWords. And that’s going to cost a bit extra. But you will reap the rewards in extra enquiries and sales.

My promise to you as a client

When I manage your AdWords account, I will give it everything I’ve got and use every ounce of marketing skill and experience to help you get the maximum returns possible.

Furthermore, I will give you a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE….

Your AdWords will be profitable within 45 days

Most clients I work with make a profit on their AdWords account within 45 days (usually less). If an account is not profitable, the reason is usually a more fundamental issue with the business e.g. their pricing might be wrong, their customer service might be poor etc.

Usually I can tell before I engage with a client whether there are more fundamental issues in the business, which might render AdWords unprofitable. In that case, I will be upfront and decline to work with you.


Every campaign is different but management fees start from $250 +GST per month. (This assumes a minimum spend of $1000/month to Google.)

The fee depends to some extent on how competitive your market is. Click prices have become expensive in some markets; we will discuss that when we first talk.

I do NOT base my fees on a percentage of your ad spend to Google, as many agencies do (read this blog post to see why). You simply pay a flat monthly retainer, which we agree upfront.

Want to discuss AdWords?

Call me on 03 377 3637 or use the contact form – and see if we’re a good fit to work together.

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