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AdWords is rigged in Google’s favour. You need to realise this or you will be quickly fleeced.

When you first start advertising with Google AdWords, you soon realise the system is rigged in Google’s favour. After a few days, you’ll see clicks mounting up and the dollars that will soon be deducted from your credit card.

Most businesses who venture into AdWords and decide to manage their own accounts, quickly realise it can be a bottomless pit.

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Google Adwords – What to Focus On For Success

Google AdwordsWhen you first start advertising with Google Adwords, it can be seem overwhelming. There are so many different options in the Adwords interface. What do they all mean? Where the heck do you start?

Well, I’m not going to go into the basics of Adwords here, because there’s no way around the fact that you need to take some time to study the various features in the admin area.

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Why you should always run a Google Adwords campaign BEFORE you do any SEO

Search engine optimisation is time consuming and costs a lot of money to get results. There’s no way around this. And there’s nothing more disheartening than spending all that time and money to get ranked at the top of Google for certain keywords… and then find you still don’t get a significant boost in enquiries, leads and sales.

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