A word to pushy sales people

April 19, 2024

When you chase something (or someone) what’s it’s natural reaction? To run away!

I wish some sales people could grasp this concept. Then they might stop harrassing me by trying to sell me things I don’t want – at least I don’t want them right now, and if I do ever want them, I will buy them in my own time from whoever I choose to buy them from.

This rant has resulted from a week of continual assaults by pushy sales people. Telemarketers are bad enough but I can deal with them easily enough. Click… I put the phone down immediately without apology when I detect it’s a telemarketer.

But other sales people are more subtle. There’s particularly a trend now among online companies to follow up with a phone call anyone who has visited their website and downloaded a free report etc. And these guys are a bit harder to get rid of. I feel somewhat indebted to them because I have taken their free gift, or had a free trial of their software, or whatever. So I can’t so easily just hang up the phone.

So, I tell them politely but firmly, I’m not ready to buy just now but I do like their product and if I ever want it I know how to get it.

Surely, that should be enough. But not so in many cases, as these sales people are not so easily daunted. Can’t I see how much time and money their software will save me? Sure, the monthly fee seems high but when it allows me to do a week’s work in just 20 minutes… well surely it’s a no-brainer!

So, a word to these pushy sales people. By all means keep sending me emails – even daily emails if you like – I don’t mind emails. But phone calls are another thing altogether. And the more you chase me, the more likely I am to run away!

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