Should your business be advertising on Facebook?

April 18, 2024

More and more businesses are discovering pay-per-click advertising on Facebook is a cost-effective way to get traffic to their websites. Generally, Facebook advertising is less competitive (and cheaper) than Google Adwords.

In fact, one of the ‘gurus’ of Adwords advertising during the past 5 years, Perry Marshall, is now turning his attention to Facebook. Perry has launched a new website – ‘Is Facebook for Me? ( It includes a short quiz to ascertain whether Facebook advertising would benefit your business.

If you’ve ever wondered:
Q: “Is Facebook for Me?”

Take this short quiz to get instant feedback on whether Facebook could be a main traffic source for your business. Discover:

– Can I advertise on Facebook and make a profit?
– Will my products appeal to Facebook users?
– How much time should I devote to understanding how to advertise on Facebook?

I recommend you visit this site and take the simple test –

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