With email marketing, boring is usually better

December 8, 2023

If you are sending out an email newsletter or promotion, it’s tempting to go for a “flashy” high-tech design, rather than “boring” plain text.

But my experience over several years has convinced me this is usually a big mistake.  In fact, it was confirmed recently when I designed a slick, professional-looking email newsletter template according to my client’s directions (and against my better judgement). Keep reading »

How To Harness The Power Of Email Marketing To Connect With Your Prospective Customers

December 8, 2023

Why do you have a website?

That’s a question you need to consider carefully in the age of e-commerce.

Almost every business has an online presence now. But few are making the most of their sites. Most are a virtual replica of the company brochure – with product and service information, photos and contact information. Keep reading »