The honest truth about advertising

April 19, 2024

At this time of year, most of us are thinking and planning about how to grow our business. He are my thoughts, based on 15+ years experience specifically in online marketing.

Many small business owners are dreamers. Nothing wrong with dreaming per se. But you need to face reality as well. Too many small business owners want to grow their business but they are reluctant to spend any money on advertising.

I must confess, I have struggled with this. And still do, to some extent. I have just increased my budget for Google Ads. I check it every day and see the total building up, knowing that soon Google is going to whack my credit card again.

I know from experience, if I don’t invest in advertising, my business slowly stagnates. No growth happens. Sad but true. Sure, we will always get new business through word of mouth if our product or service is good. That’s nice. It’s a bonus. But in today’s world, if you don’t invest in advertising, you are dreaming if you think your business is going to survive, let alone grow.

I have several clients who understand this. They are investing thousands of dollars in Google Ads every month. They are trusting me to manage this money in the most effective way possible. I take this responsibility seriously. These clients who are willing to invest, are seeing their business grow.

So, here is the truth. You will never in a million years build a successful business by being terrified to invest in advertising.

Sure, you have to be smart about it. You don’t want to throw money away. But you must be willing to take risks. Not all advertising will work. That’s the truth. Even the smartest advertising geniuses on the planet don’t hit a home run every time. You have to test and tweak things to find what works. You need to hold your nerve when your ads bomb.

I’ve been online now since 2003 with websites and I can tell you the online world has never been harder. Unless you willing to invest in PAID advertising to drive traffic to your business day in and day out, it just isn’t going to happen.

If you are serious about your business, and want to grow it in 2019 and beyond, I’m happy to talk with you further. I’m only working now with people who understand the realities of good business. I hope this short message helps you make a better choice.