I’ve just seen the future of web design – and it’s mind blowing

November 30, 2023

This morning I received an email from a friend telling me about a new web design software called PageCloud. My initial reaction was, “oh, yeah, another clunky web builder designed for amateurs who want to build a cheap website.”

But I was wrong. PageCloud is a game changer. It’s astonishing. Essentially, it is taking the concept of desktop publishing and applying to the internet in a way that is leaps and bounds ahead of anything else that exists.

PageCloud is nothing like Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and other similar website builders. The developers of PageCloud have gone back to square one and created a totally new concept.

It was really hard to make it simple.”
Craig Fitzpatrick – founder of PageCloud

With PageCloud you can:

  • copy and paste a layer from Photoshop directly onto a web page.
  • drag and drop images and text anywhere on your page
  • drag and drop a video from Youtube directly into your web page.
  • add e-commerce functionality to a website by simply dragging and dropping
  • and much more.

Any business owner will be able to update their own website with PageCloud

Let’s say a business engages a web design agency to build them a professional website. A few months down the track they want to make some small updates to prices and other information. With PageCloud, they can do it themselves online, easily.

It’s not like logging in to a conventional CMS system like WordPress. PageCloud is super easy and intuitive to use. It’s pretty much idiot-proof.

‘Copy’ an existing website and modify it to your needs with PageCloud

Anther great feature of PageCloud is that it allows you to almost instantly clone an existing website and then edit it right inside your web browser. So if you find a website you like and want to build something similar, you can copy it then change the logo, images text etc to create something unique. Everything is done by drag and drop. You don’t need to write a line of HTML, CSS or any other code.

Make your website mobile friendly in minutes

PageCloud dramatically simplifies the process of making a website mobile phone friendly. You just build your main site first and then switch PageCloud to mobile mode. You can then drag and drop elements to create a mobile friendly website in just minutes.

Initially, PageCloud is aiming at professional web designers. But ultimately it believes the technology should be in the hands of everyone.

I’ve signed up for PageCloud pre-launch

PageCloud is still in test mode but it’s due to launch in October 2015. Currently it’s just US$99 to sign up for a year’s subscription. If you’re a web designer, it’s important to keep up with this type of technology. Otherwise you will be left behind as a dinosaur building sites the slow, tedious old-fashioned way.

Find out more about PageCloud here

Here’s a demo site built with PageCloud

See a restaurant site built with PageCloud