The biggest mistake businesses are (still) making when hiring a website designer

November 30, 2023

In the local market here in Christchurch, there are now hundreds of website designers and web design companies.

More are springing up all the time because the cost of entry into the web industry is pretty low.

But for business owners looking to get a website that actually works to generate more enquiries, leads and sales, this steady rise in the number of website designers is not the good news it might appear.

The problem is, most of these web design companies are run by geeky tech nerds. Now, you might think, “what’s wrong with that?” Well, there’s actually quite a bit wrong if you are looking for a website that will actually work effectively to SELL your products or services.

The reality is, most of these techie people don’t like to sell, they don’t know how to sell, and they’re not really interested in learning how to sell.

These tech nerds tends to be experts in one thing only – they know how to make websites that look cool. They know how to hook up all the gadgets and gizmos that produce fancy effects.

If you’re like most small businesses, you are probably taken in by all this hi-tech wizardry. It’s only after your new cool website has been online for a few months that the reality dawns on you. It isn’t making you any sales.

So, what are you as a business owner to do? You either try to learn about web marketing yourself (on top of everything else you have to do), or search out that rare breed of individual who actually knows how to sell with technology.

How do you when you’ve found this rare individual? Well, you’ll notice they ask you some different types of questions to most web design companies. For example, they will ask:

  • What makes your business unique? What makes you the only logical choice for your customers to do business with? Do you know?
  • Who are your main competitors and what kind of marketing are they doing online?

It’s unlikely you’ll be asked these questions by a typical web design company.

But if you haven’t worked through these kind of questions, even the best web design wizard isn’t going to get you the site you need for results.

2 thoughts on “The biggest mistake businesses are (still) making when hiring a website designer”

  1. Well there are a few sales orientated companies out there Chris, and they’re all at the top of the “internet marketing christchurch” and “online marketing” search phrases.

    And when it comes to sales, results speak volumes. A recent client increased his sales by 750% in four weeks when the correct marketing methods were used. In my view they’re not like hens teeth there are at least 4-5 really skilled operators

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