December 7, 2023

I specialise in managing Google Ads for local businesses, throughout New Zealand and overseas. I have managed more than 100 Google Ads accounts, and millions of dollars worth of Ad spend. Many clients have been with me for five years or more. This is rare in the web marketing industry, where there tends to be a high client turnover.

What sets me apart from most Google Ads agencies is that I focus on the two numbers that really matter:

  • How much you pay for clicks and fees;
  • How much extra profit you make as a result.

Based on those two numbers, I make sure every Google Ads campaign is truly profitable. I don’t just produce fancy reports to pull the wool over your eyes.

How I got into Google Ads

From 2003 to 2016 I ran a web design agency. I began using Google AdWords (as it was then called) to advertise my own services. Thus I learned AdWords by putting my own credit card on the line.

Thanks to AdWords, I doubled the turnover of my web agency within six months, and never looked back. I discovered how Google advertising, combined with an effective website, could transform the fortunes of a business.

For almost three years, I honed my AdWords skills on my own business before taking on my first AdWords client. Since then I have built a successful track record helping local businesses to run profitable Google Ads campaigns.

My main strengths are writing ads that get a high click-through rate and creating landing pages that get visitors to take action.

I work mainly with service-based businesses

The focus of my business has gradually evolved into helping service-based businesses to reach their target clients using a combination of Google Ads and high-converting web pages.

As a service-based business myself, it was a natural evolution to work with other service based businesses.

Google Ads works particularly well for local service businesses – any type of business where people go to Google to search for a specific service to solve a problem.

I have many clients in a wide range of trades businesses, as well as professional services such as dentists, accountants, lawyers, medical specialists, mortgage brokers, finance and loans etc. (To avoid conflict of interest, I usually only work with one type of business in each city).

One thing that sets me apart from most other web marketing consultants is that I help my clients develop their unique selling proposition, so they stand out from their competition. This is a fundamental secret to success in all types of marketing.

Contact me for more information

If you’re a local business and need help to get your message out into the marketplace, you are welcome to contact me. I keep pretty busy, so I can’t work with everyone. But if you are ambitious and want serious results, I would love to talk to you.

Call me on 03 377 3637 or use the contact form.