Case Study – Genesys Medical Institute

July 8, 2024
A free online hormone self-test is the main method of generating leads for the Genesys Medical Institute, using Google Ads to drive traffic to the web page.

In 2013, Dr Kirk Moore from the Genesys Medical Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah, asked me to help him generate more leads for his bioidentical hormone therapy clinic. The clinic was relatively new and struggling to attract patients.

We devised a strategy to use a free online test, where people could check for imbalance in their thyroid and other hormones. To get the test result, people had to enter their name, email and phone number. These details were then sent to the clinic and the staff followed them up with a phone call.

We built a website, which included the free online test (see the test here) and used Google Ads to drive traffic to the web page.

This strategy proved enormously successful. Since 2014, we have refined the process, until we are generating consistently around 200 leads per month at around $15 per lead.

I work closely with Jeff Pollock PA (Physician Assistant) who oversees the clinic’s marketing. The online strategy we have developed is the main source of new patient enquiries for the clinic.

We have since developed a similar online test for the Genesys Men’s Health, which is a partner of Genesys Medical Institute, specialising in bioidentical hormone therapy for men.

“I have been using Chris Mole’s services for several years. He has been managing my Google Ads and built me two amazing websites. My business has grown tremendously over the years, thanks to Chris’s expertise. I’m so grateful to have found him.”
Jeff Pollock – Genesys Medical Institute, Salt Lake City

The bottom line…

If you offer an incentive for people to give your their contact details (such as a free online test), and have Google Ads done correctly, you have a winning formula! That’s what I have achieved for Genesys Medical Institute. And it’s what I can achieve for your business too!

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