The great social media swindle

I’ve recently spoken with several business owners who feel ripped off by social media marketing agencies. They’ve been promised the earth but have seen little (if anything) in terms of sales as result of the money they’ve invested.

It’s one thing to get “likes” and “engagement” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

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The Real Secret of Marketing Success

Since 2003, I’ve worked with some smart and successful business owners – and also some unsuccessful ones. I’ve learned a huge amount just by watching how my best clients have marketed their businesses.

It’s been a great privilege. They have been paying me to work for them – but all the while I’ve been soaking up their marketing knowledge too!

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6 Web Design Trends for 2017

The modern look – clean, simple and authentic with minimal text and big, bold headings.

There are some exciting new design trends emerging on the web. Many are of interest only to those within the industry – but I’m writing this for ordinary business owners who want to know what the future holds for web design in 2017.

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AdWords is rigged in Google’s favour. You need to realise this or you will be quickly fleeced.

When you first start advertising with Google AdWords, you soon realise the system is rigged in Google’s favour. After a few days, you’ll see clicks mounting up and the dollars that will soon be deducted from your credit card.

Most businesses who venture into AdWords and decide to manage their own accounts, quickly realise it can be a bottomless pit.

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