“How to Get More Customers From Your Website”

July 9, 2024

FREE 10-day e-course for kiwi business owners

This FREE 10-day e-course called “How to Get More Customers from Your Website” covers the essentials you need to know to be successful at selling any type of product or service online. It is written in clear, simple language for ordinary business owners to understand (no complicated jargon or geek speak).

This e-course will give you a good foundation in online marketing – whether you want to do it yourself or hire an agency to do it for you. (In the latter case, it will help you ask the right questions and choose the right agency to work with).

  • Day 1. How Effective is Your Website?
  • Day 2. Successful Marketing Ultimately Comes Down to WORDS
  • Day 3. The Practice Formerly Known as ‘SEO’
  • Day 4. Google Ads versus Facebook Advertising
  • Day 5. Does Your Business Have a Unique ‘Brand Story’?
  • Day 6. Should You Write Your Website Content for Google or Humans?
  • Day 7. How to Get to No.1 on Google in 24 Hours
  • Day 8. How to Transform Your Business in 10 Minutes (or Less)
  • Day 9. Discover Why Your Online Marketing is Not Working
  • Day 10. SPECIAL BONUS – Free Handbook: “How to Get More Customers from Your Website”

If you’re a kiwi-based business and you need more enquiries and sales from your website, take advantage of this offer now!