“How to Get More Customers From Your Website”

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Chris Mole, author of FREE e-course, ‘How to Get More Customers from Your Website’
This FREE 12-day e-course called “How to Get More Customers from Your Website” covers the essentials you need to know to be successful at selling any type of product or service online. It is written in clear, simple language for ordinary business owners to understand (no complicated jargon or geek speak).

This e-course will give you a good foundation in online marketing – whether you want to do it yourself or hire an agency to do it for you. (In the latter case, it will help you ask the right questions and choose the right agency to work with).

  • Day 1. Web marketing 101 – traffic x conversion = sales
  • Day 2. The Most Wanted Response is the single most important part of your website
  • Day 3. You must write to SELL
  • Day 4. How to find your own Unique Selling Proposition
  • Day 5. ‘Borrow’ ideas from other successful websites
  • Day 6. How to build TRUST with your website
  • Day 7. How important is graphic design in your website’s success?
  • Day 8. A special word about online stores
  • Day 9. How to build an email database that’ll be worth its weight in gold
  • Day 10. Traffic – the lifeblood of your online business
  • Day 11. Traffic from paid search advertising
  • Day 12. Web analytics – tracking your visitors

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