July 8, 2024

Can you give more detail about your 45-day profitability guarantee?

In simple terms, “profitable” means your Google Ads account will generate more additional bottom-line profit for your business than the amount you pay Google for clicks plus my management fee.

But every business is different and sometimes profitability can be grey area. For example, a service business where a new customer or client can be worth several thousand dollars, might only need one new customer/client each month to be profitable. On the other hand, with an e-commerce website where the average sale is less than $100 and profit margin is small, the difference between profit and loss with Google Ads can be a fine line.

So we need to agree upfront exactly what me mean by “profitable” for YOUR business. In some cases, businesses are happy to just break even or even make a loss on their initial sale with Google Ads, because they know the lifetime value of a customer is substantially more than the initial sale. So we need to be clear about these numbers at the outset.

If I feel it’s not going to be possible to meet your expectations with Google Ads, due to the nature of your business, I will be upfront and recommend you don’t use my services.

What fees do you charge?

I charge a one-off fee to setup a new Google Ads account or overhaul an existing account. Then I charge an ongoing monthly management fee. We negotiate these fees based on the complexity of your Google Ads account and the nature of your business. I don’t have set “packages” because every business has unique needs and I provide a customised, personal service.

To give you a guideline, my fees are competitive and less than the big Google Ads agencies. They generally range between $250 and $1000 (+GST) per month.

Who controls/owns the Google Ads account?

You do. If you already have a Google Ads account, we will normally continue to use that. If you are new to Google Ads, I will set up a new account in your name and give you full administrative access. You will need to enter your credit card details and the payments to Google will come off your card.

Do you have any contracts that mean I am locked in to your services for a set period of time?

No. You can cancel at any time – and I will only charge you for the portion of the month during which you used my services.

Do you work with clients outside New Zealand?

Yes, I have clients in Australia, the United States and the UK. We communicate by phone, skype and email and it works well.