Traffic – the lifeblood of your online business

June 29, 2022

I’m sorry to tell you but the web is a harsh place. You can have the best looking site in the world with great resources and content and go entirely ignored or unnoticed. It hap­pens. It’s happening right now. Somewhere out there in cyberspace is a brand new, attrac­tive website loaded with great content, and nobody cares. Keep reading »

Simple, Yet Effective SEO Strategy – Submit Your Website To Directories

June 29, 2022

Yelp online directory

I want to thank my colleague Robert Kramers from for this excellent list of the best free New Zealand online directories.

Anyone doing search engine optimisation knows the value of back links from directories. Even with Google’s algorithm updates, it’s still beneficial to have high quality links from authority sites. Keep reading »

The Smart Way to Approach SEO in 2015 and Beyond

June 29, 2022

During the last few years we’ve seen the “death” of just about everything in web marketing. Such claims are certainly good for a headline – and for selling various products or services to replace the thing that has just “died”.

There’s been more than enough written already about the supposed death of SEO and anyone who is following web marketing doesn’t need the same old arguments rehashed. Keep reading »