“How to Get More Customers from Your Website” – Free Handbook

July 15, 2024
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At last, the truth about how to sell your products or services on the internet… written specifically for New Zealand small businesses


Hello there! And thank you for requesting this handbook. It is designed to help ordinary New Zealand businesses to create successful websites that make money.

You will discover some exciting information about selling on the internet, which hardly anyone in New Zealand really understands and even fewer are fully applying to their websites and online marketing efforts.

95% of NZ business websites are dismal failures at bringing in leads and/or making sales.

Chances are, your website is too. And if you don’t have a website yet, it’s almost certain to be a waste of money if you don’t understand the fundamental principles of selling on the web, outlined in this handbook.

If you are offering a quality product or service, which is in demand by a reasonably large number of people, I guarantee the techniques in this handbook will send your sales soaring way past those of your less-knowledgeable competitors.