Do you need a copywriter who can help to improve the “selling power”of your website?

I take on a small number of copywriting projects each year. My writing style is clear, simple and direct. It’s designed to communicate information and help you SELL products and/or services.

My copywriting is not flowery, fancy or designed to impress. Some people want or need that style of copy. In that case I’m not the right copywriter for you.

You can get a pretty good idea of my writing style by reading the copy on this website. I’ve also written the copy on most of the websites in my portfolio.

In fact, my writing style doesn’t really sound like “sales copy”. I just write as though I’m speaking one-to-one with a person who is the target customer. I tell them what the product or service can do for them, why they should buy it. Finishing with a bit of gentle persuasion to get them to take action!

This style of copy has proven to work well on the web over many years. It not only brings in short term sales but also builds trust and credibility over the long term.

As I say, I only work with a few copywriting clients each year. You could be one of them, if we both feel we’re a good fit to work together.

If you need web copy that connects with your target audience, keeps them reading and convinces them to buy (or take some other form of desired action) – then get in touch by calling 03 377 3637 or use the contact form.

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