Why you should think twice before having your website re-designed

website re-design - think twiceIt’s tempting when you have a website that’s a few years old, to want to give it a “fresh, modern look”. But over the years I’ve seen many examples of website re-designs that have flopped. They’ve had a serious negative effect on the business, particularly those that rely on their websites to generate the bulk of their sales. Keep reading »

3 Web Design Trends for 2016

The inspiration for this post comes from Wes McDowell from The Deep End so I want to acknowledge this at the outset.

It’s the time of year when loads of predictions are being made about web design trends for 2016 – but in this post I want to look specifically at web design trends that work to increase conversion (i.e. Keep reading »

Get this Book and Read it Over the Christmas Break

80/20 Sales and MarketingI’ve recently read Perry Marshall’s book “80/20 Sales & Marketing” and I want to highly recommend it. If you’re looking to make a breakthrough with your marketing in 2016, get this book and read over the Christmas holidays. It will really expand your thinking. Keep reading »

Are you running Google AdWords? How’s it Going?

The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords by Perry MarshallI’ve spent the last week reading‘The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords (Fourth Edition)’ by Perry Marshall. Perry Marshall is regarded as the guru of Google AdWords. He wrote the original version of this book in 2007, around the time I was getting started with AdWords. Keep reading »

Google AdWords – the only two numbers you should worry about

If your business is using an agency to manage Google AdWords, you probably get a report each month will all sorts of numbers.

Click through rates, cost per click, quality score, clicks, impressions, keyword data… and so on. You might get some fancy graphs, which the agency uses to show how great your campaign is doing. Keep reading »

The secret to getting truly great testimonials

We all realise the importance of testimonials in marketing. But most small business websites neglect testimonials or, if they do use them, they tend to be the usual “blah, blah, blah” that no one bothers to read. Often hidden away on an inner page. Keep reading »

The Smart Way to Approach SEO in 2015 and Beyond

During the last few years we’ve seen the “death” of just about everything in web marketing. Such claims are certainly good for a headline – and for selling various products or services to replace the thing that has just “died”.

There’s been more than enough written already about the supposed death of SEO and anyone who is following web marketing doesn’t need the same old arguments rehashed. Keep reading »