Dare to be different!

April 21, 2024

On the Internet (as in life) most people try to copy each other. They are afraid to stick their neck out and be different. They want their website to look like everyone else’s. They want to play it safe.

Unfortunately, this is a recipe for mediocrity. Look at any truly successful online store. It stands out because it has a unique “personality”. The point is… there MUST be something unique about your store that sets you apart from your competitors!

Change your “shop window” often

Most retail stores in a shopping mall or town centre try to change their window displays regularly. You should do the same with your online store. Keep your home page fresh and up-to-date.

Make changes according to:

  • the season
  • the arrival of new stock or new fashions
  • special holidays or celebrations
  • special promotions etc.

Put hot, topical items on your home page, which will draw people’s interest and pull them deeper into your store.

Ballantynes online store

Ballantynes’ online store is an example of a nicely laid out site, which is user friendly and has several areas of interest to draw in visitors. It features several key sections on the home page, for people to click on and explore… gifts, schoolwear, beauty etc. The section at the top left of the page changes every few seconds, to show other product categories.

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