New online store sees 50% jump in conversion rate

November 27, 2023

Flowers on Cashmere, Christchurch FloristI recently launched a new online store for a Christchurch florist – Flowers on Cashmere.

The previous website had been online for over five years and was doing quite well, with a conversion rate averaging around 8%. (That means for every 100 visitors, 8 people placed an order for flowers through the website. Many others also phoned in orders to the shop, but we are looking specifically at online orders.)

In fact, an 8% conversion rate is well above average for an online store. But we wanted to see if we could improve it even further. After doing some user testing (asking people to use the website and give us their honest feedback) we made some changes based on that feedback.

The new website was launched about 10 days ago. It’s early days, but the conversion rate has averaged over 12% since the new site was launched.

We are driving traffic to the site by a combination of Google Adwords, search engine optimisation and Facebook marketing.

Visit Flowers on Cashmere’s new website and see it for yourself.

4 thoughts on “New online store sees 50% jump in conversion rate”

  1. Well of course the last design was a hybrid of both yours and my design. My ‘larger view’ front-end with your more standard ecommerce system bolted onto it. Our exclusive one click system was doing around 15% for around 5 years according to my notes.

    • Yes, I really liked your one-click system. The only downside is that the site was all hard-coded and not easy for adding and updating products. But the checkout was great.

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