Search Engine Optimization Made Easy – By Brad Callen

November 27, 2023

Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

If you’re looking for the real facts about how to get your site onto page one of Google, I recommend this excellent e-book. It’s 90 pages long … and free! Parts of the book are a quiet sales pitch for the software the author sells. But whether or not you want the software, you can still get an excellent education in the basics of SEO from this e-book. 

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2 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimization Made Easy – By Brad Callen”

  1. Oh!! also I want it to service the US market. I am a kiwi who has a small business in Jogjakarta Indonesia. My business sells handbags, Ornate Jewelry & unique beautiful Jewelry boxes. If I sent you photos of some of the products you would understand. My business is also about supporting a series of villagers in work. Previously they worked as rice farmers earning very little. Today they have money to send their kids to school.

    Regards – John Quilter

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