Secrets of top converting e-commerce websites (interview with Bryan Eisenberg)

November 30, 2023

This video interview with one of America’s top website conversion experts, Bryan Eisenberg, first appeared on Web Marketing Today (  In the interview with Dr Ralph Wilson, Bryan discusses three of the secrets behind top-converting e-commerce websites.

He looks at the some of the best-converting online stores, such as VitaCost, GoToMeeting, MailChimp, and L.L. Bean, as examples of how to set up an effective e-commerce site. He also stresses the importance of studying visitor statistics (through Google Analytics etc), and customer feedback.

Here are the 3 secrets, in summary:

1. Communicate your unique value or campaign proposition (sometimes called your USP). In the first few seconds you must communicate why a visitor should do business with you rather than your competitors. He cites several sites that do this well: VitaCost, GoToMeeting, MailChimp, and L.L. Bean. Since people can enter through your internal pages, your value proposition needs to be communicated on every page of your site — probably in the header — not just on your homepage. The value proposition differs from a tagline. A tagline is used to grab attention and for people to remember you by, while a value proposition contains a reason to buy.

2. Be data driven. Successful companies make decisions based on their site metrics. Don’t just glance at the reports, make a “to-do” list. List items you want to improve, what you want to experiment with, what’s working, and what’s not. Ask your IT or analytics person to suggest — with the monthly report — things we can improve this month, to do some analysis. Then sit with the team to go over recommendations and prioritize.

3. Leverage the voice of the customer in your business. Eisenberg gives examples of using the customer’s voice (often obtainable from social media, etc.) in product descriptions, category groupings, reviews and ratings, and letters of recommendation.

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