The web is going mobile… don’t get left behind

April 19, 2024

I’ve just received Google’s latest newsletter and this issue is focused on the rapidly growing trend towards browsing the Internet on mobile phones.

The message is, the world has gone mobile. From smartphones to tablets, mobile devices are quickly becoming the best way for people to find products and services when they’re on the go. During the past year, the number of Google mobile searches has quadrupled. In fact, by 2012, more people will connect via a mobile device than a computer. If your business is targeting the local market, mobile users are especially important, because one out of three searches on a mobile devices has local intent.

There’s a reason that companies like Google and Microsoft are investing lots of money into the mobile web and in making their products more accessible from the mobile web. Think about it, if a customer is doing research on their phone and comes across two sites, one that is hard to pull up and read and one that is elegant and attractive and makes it easy to call a number or send an e-mail directly from the page, which company has a better shot of getting the business?

What happens when someone wants to find out more about your business, and clicks to your website? Does your website load quickly enough for mobile phone users? Take a few moments to see if your website passes the test. Go to Google’s new page speed tester. If it doesn’t, there are a range of options to help you optimise your website for mobile devices. You can check out Mobila for mobile website design.

If you’re a web designer, optimising sites for mobile devices doesn’t have to be difficult. If you’re using WordPress (now my personal CMS of choice), there a great plugin called WPTouch that can quickly optimise a WordPress site for the iPhone and Android devices. Another good WordPress option is the Carrington Mobile theme.

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