Keywords … Use Them Correctly To Help Your Site Get Ranked In the Search Engines

Keywords really are the key if you want to get top search engine rankings.

Selecting the right keywords for your site is one of the most important areas of Web marketing – and one that’s sadly too often overlooked. When you combine the right keywords with well-constructed meta tags you are virtually guaranteed to get a top position on search engines. Keep reading »

7 Simple Ways To Build Traffic To A New Website

By Mike Tekula —

Got a brand new website? That’s great, but nobody cares.

OK, maybe that’s a little harsh. The truth, however, is that just having a website doesn’t get you much.

Many business owners I meet are surprised to find, once we look at the numbers, that the shiny new site they had built not too long ago gets little to no traffic on a daily basis.  Keep reading »

Why Search Engine Optimisation Is Doomed … And Quality Content Is The Best Strategy For Your Website

If you have a website, sooner or later you’ll get interested in search engine optimisation.

It’s the art (or is it a science?) of tweaking your website copy and links, so your site ranks higher in the search engines.

There are many professional search engine optimisation firms (commonly known as SEOs) who will charge you substantial amounts of money to improve your website’s rankings for certain search terms. Keep reading »