The simple (but not so easy) secret to SEO

July 8, 2024

Google has made it very clear what it’s main objective is – to provide people searching the Internet with the most relevant information possible.

If you’re a business owner who wants to get your website ranked highly in Google’s search results, you need to ponder on this.

Google has zero interest in helping you – or any other business – get your website ranked number one in the search results. Google’s customers are not businesses with websites. Its customers are people who are searching the Internet looking for information.

Google’s success rises or falls according to how useful people think it’s search results are.

So, if a person goes to Google and is searching, let’s say, for a dentist in Christchurch – and they enter ‘dentist Christchurch’ into the search bar – how does Google decide which of all the dentists’ websites in Christchurch should come up to top of the search results?

Well, Google has a complicated algorithm for this – but the bottom line is that the website with the most relevant content around the words ‘dentist Christchurch’ will get the highest ranking.

Google’s software is now so sophisticated that it can even tell well-written content from badly written. So you can’t just stuff your web page full of ‘dentist Christchurch’ in every sentence, to try to fool Google that your page is the most relevant.

Google knows a whole range of words that are related to ‘dentist’ and will include these in it’s decision-making also. Ultimately, if your website contains several pages of well-written content about dentistry and dental topics – and if the content is updated regularly, this will go a long way to helping you get to the top of Google’s search rankings.

Well-written, relevant content that is regularly updated and added to – this is the most basic secret of SEO today… and for the foreseeable future.

Google can also tell how long people stay on your website to read the content – so if they stay longer, that’s good news for you.

This is not just theory. I have proved it time and again with websites where the emphasis has been on well written content, plus some other basic on-page SEO principles. And these sites will always rise to the top. It doesn’t happen overnight… but it happens slowly but steadily.

The principle is simple. But writing good content, of course, is not so easy. It’s hard work, which is why so few people do it and would prefer to try “easier” SEO tricks.

By taking the time and effort to write good content, you are not only helping your own website and business… but you are helping to make the Internet a better place as well. And it sure needs that!

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  1. I don’t know if that’s true, you could write a blog arcticle that includes Ben Hunt’s “web design, web design, web design and web design” and rank very highly by just quoting it!

    Mind you even in that article there are certain words that I just wouldn’t want on my site

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