A great example of a small business website – it tells a unique story

November 30, 2023
Great website design example
This website for a cabinet-maker is very engaging – it draws you in by telling the business owner’s unique story. If I was looking for a cabinet-maker, I’d definitely contact this one!

I discovered this website today thanks to an email from Ben Hunt and it impressed me as a fantastic example of how a small business website should be designed.

The website is Tiplady Fine Woodworking. What I like particularly is the way the business owner puts himself out there unashamedly on the home page and tells the world what makes his business unique.

I wonder why so few small businesses do this on their websites? When you land on the home page of Tiplady Fine Woodworking, you see a photo of the cabinet-maker and a bold statement “You’re going to love your new handcrafted custom cabinets…. I guarantee it!”

You can’t get clearer than that for a marketing message. This cabinet-maker is building his unique brand online – and he shows that “branding” is far more than a fancy logo.

This website is very simple in its design. It would never win any web design awards.  But that doesn’t matter. The purpose of a business website is to make sales… not to win design awards.

Tiplady Fine Woodworking reinforces my belief that selling online is largely about WORDS. A simple design, with the focus on layout, so the key messages are positioned in the right place, is the secret to a truly successful small business website.

P.S. I want to acknowledge the designer of this website – Jordan Dick of Venturi Web Design. Well done!

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