Google+ – could it be a serious challenger to Facebook?

July 8, 2024

I’ve just had an invitation to connect with someone on Google+. If you haven’t already heard, Google+ is Google’s newest entry into social networking. Many in the ‘geek’ world are talking this up as a serious challenger to Facebook, Twitter and skype combined. Others are dismissing it, saying why would anyone bother to switch from Facebook and Twitter when all their friends are already on those two sites.

From what I can see, Google+ is a stripped down version of Facebook, without all the meaningless status updates etc that Facebook has. I like it a lot, on first impression.

The challenge for Google+ is that most ordinary people are already locked into Facebook. The only people on Google+ so far are geeks, journalists etc who are early adopters.

Google+ has some nice features but Facebook is already moving to copy them. So will Google+ wipe out Facebook, as Google hopes it will?

It’s too early to tell. But this video is the best I’ve seen at explaining Google’s position with Google+ alongside Facebook and Twitter.

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