How to turn a business around in 10 minutes or less

December 8, 2023

If you’re struggling to make enough sales in your business, this video by Brett McFall will stimulate you to think in ways you probably never have before about what makes your business unique.

Hardly anybody in business puts any effort into thinking about their Unique Selling Proposition. Keep reading »

‘Winning Websites for Small Businesses’ – a new handbook for New Zealand businesses

December 8, 2023

I have just finished writing a brand-new handbook for New Zealand businesses, called “Winning Websites for Small Businesses”.

I don’t believe there’s any other publication in New Zealand quite like this handbook because it’s aimed specifically at the unique needs of the New Zealand marketplace. Keep reading »

How to create your own ‘unique selling proposition’

December 8, 2023

Most business people have heard of the term ‘unique selling proposition’ (USP). It’s something every marketing expert talks about. But the reality is, 95% of businesses have never developed a strong USP!

That’s incredible. In fact, if you have a clear idea of your USP, you’ll be streets ahead of most of your competition. Keep reading »